“Titanikas”, Vilnius, Lithuania 
2020 10 09-24

Two years ago I was wandering through sandy Parnidis dunes searching for local elks I have never seen before. But my search wasn't successful and I came back home with no impressions, no seen elks, or their traces. After two years, my memories about unsuccessful search were fading away, I was riding on the highway, looking at the continuing white lines of the road, when suddenly I encountered migratory elks. They were crossing the road to the forest and almost caused a car accident. The one I waited to appear behind the sandy dune, not only appeared in a completely different place but also turned up from the blackness of the forest and ran into the highway, thus causing us both a risk. An event that flooded my body with blood, only more strengthened the desire to meet another again, wild animal, for once I looked into the eyes of the one I met, I saw nothing but a reflection of my own that I have never seen before. Confrontation exposed properties which I never thought I had.

The aim of the project “Instinct” is to draw attention to the current world, where urban constructions are flowing into wildlife estates. In such a situation, human is forced to face whose home is no longer in the wild. An individual living in a such constantly changing environment is forced to adapt to changing living conditions, to look for new patterns of existence.

Exhibition installation: Ieva Trinkūnaitė